Collabowrite is working hard every day to help non-profit organizations present an effective and compelling message to the public via the internet. Below are some visual selections of our work*:


Selected past and current web design, development, and content clients:

Selected past and current print writing services clients (through Marcia Feldman & Associates):

  • Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • Ronald McDonald House, Houston, Texas
  • Trinity Children & Family Services, Colton, California
  • Neuhaus Education Center, Houston, Texas
  • The University of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation, Houston, Texas
  • St. John's School, Houston, Texas
  • The Red Cross, Houston, Texas
  • Planned Parenthood, Bryant, Texas

SEO report clients:

  • Bernard Rosenfeld, MD, Houston, Texas
  • MS Legal Services, Houston, Texas
  • Elegant Additions, Houston, Texas

* Notes on the portfolio:
-Photo credits vary by site - see each site for more information
-Trinity CFS/YS site: project management, some photo selection/preparation, information architecture, and content development by Collabowrite; design by The Young Group; development by Futurevox; photos by Pam Francis
-Dixon Place: calendar, blog, and some photo preparation by Collabowrite
-Sterling Associates: design and development done in partnership with Tim McCormick