services: e-team

As more and more projects include dispersed teams who teleconference and share resources via email, the need for virtual project management becomes more pressing. Collabowrite has investigated a number of solutions for managing people and workflow over the internet and works with the major open source project management tools, including DotProject, Project Open, and Phpcollab as well as hosted solutions like Basecamp and Zoho. We can also setup a Google-hosted solution for your organization or business.

Most online PM tools include the following features:

  • Secure login
  • Document storage, versioning, display, and approval
  • Discussion or chat tool
  • Phase and task management
  • Project notes
  • User types and permissioning
  • Calendar with scheduling capability
  • Notification and mail
  • Customer support or ticketing system
  • Project timesheets and work timers
  • Contact management
  • Search function
  • MSProject import