services: e-community

Websites can provide more than a simple brochure or a storefront; the internet is a vehicle for establishing connectivity of all kinds. Practices such as weblogs, forums, and email subscription lists allow organizations to "converse" with diverse groups, ranging from donors to activists, in an informed, intimate, and interactive way. To create or enhance your e-community, Collabowrite can develop the following components:

  • Weblogs/Newslogs: Looking for a way to add organizational news, quick impressions about topics central to your cause, or update supporters about events? Smaller sites that do not have a centralized content management system can use a weblog to easily create a dynamic information stream that requires no knowledge of HTML or FTP. Collabowrite can implement a weblog system such as Wordpress or a hosted solution such as Blogger and you can start blogging today!
  • Social Networks: Millions use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media to connect not only with friends and associates but to their interests and causes. Non-profit organizations can harness the power of these tools to promote events, bring in donations, rally supporters to action and reinforce their brand. Collabowrite can setup and maintain Facebook fan pages, custom mySpace pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube/Picasa/Flikr accounts, as well as private networks like Ning. We can also help you promote your social media tools and share information between these tools and your site.
  • Email Newsletters: Websites are sometimes called a 'pull' technology because visitors must actively seek out sites. An email subscription service, on the other hand, 'pushes' information out to interested individuals, and therefore can build ongoing relationships with consenting subscribers. Collabowrite can establish an email subscription service for your site, design newsletter formats, and even maintain newsletters for you.
  • Forums: The web is a fantastic place for visitors to interact not only with your organization but with one another. Forums, commonly known also as bulletin boards, provide an opportunity for this kind of interaction. Furthermore, forums increase the interest in or "stickiness" of your site. Collabowrite can implement a forum application such as phpBB, use a plug-in with your CMS, or help you integrate a hosted solution with your site.
  • Web Calendars: Share your organization's events and schedule with staff, donors, and other supporters with a website calendar. Collabowrite can install an advanced webcalendaring applicaiton, a plug-in for your blog or CMS, or provide a customized window to your Google or other hosted calendar.
  • Membership Features: In addition to calendars, forums, and newsletters, Collabowrite can set up secure registration for members so that they can access and edit account information, use online auctions for fundraising events, and even participate in political action campaigns.
  • Database-Driven Applications: Collabowrite can research the available open source and low cost internet-based database driven applications (many of which will use the free database MySQL) as well as hosted applications. We can help you select and implement the solution that meets your organization's needs. Some examples of these types of applications are:
    • - Virtual classrooms and curriculum management for schools
    • - Sports team and recreation resource management
    • - Knowledge management systems