services: content management

FTP. HTML. CSS. XML. The list of non-sensical acronyms associated with keeping your website up-to-date is mindbogglingly long. Paying an outside consultant to simply insert text or images, create news or event items, or even add new pages may seem prohibitively expensive when your organization has a lot of content updates. Your organization can take control of its website content and harness the extraordinary power of a content management system without breaking the bank through the open source CMS, Joomla! Thousands of users worldwide have discovered the secret of managing their websites through Joomla!.

Collabowrite can install and customize the system, which like most OSS systems has no software licensing fees, during new site development or site redesign. We can also use your existing site design with a Joomla! implementation. In addition to enabling easy updates to menus, news, static pages, contacts, FAQ's, and site search, Joomla! integrates with many third-party components, such as newsletters, event calendars, and job opportunities, so that you can maximize user interaction with your site, all from one source.

We also provide custom documentation and training so that your staff can be up and running as soon as your content management system.

For smaller sites with fewer content and functionality needs, Collabowrite can use an online service such as Blogger or Wordpress or setup a desktop tool like Contribute. We can also work with Drupal and dotCMS. Whatever your content management needs, Collabowrite has you covered.