about us

After more than six years of experience in the private sector with companies like Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and Sybase, Michelle Feldman formed Collabowrite in 2001 to bring her enterprise application and project management expertise to bear with charitable organizations. Since that time, Collabowrite has been working in partnership with select non-profits, helping to develop and deliver their messages to the public. Collabowrite creates both internet and print content on behalf of its clients and specializes in new media community solutions.

Collabowrite helps non-profit organizations and select small businesses take advantage of low-cost technology by harnessing the power of the internet and open source software. We believe that non-profit organizations deserve best-of-breed products without corporate-world prices. To that end, we constantly research and review new and evolving products like content management, social software (for weblogs and forums) and internet-enabled project and team management systems.

Collabowrite has developed expertise in selection, implementation, customization, and maintenance of these solutions. We not only deliver these products to your organization, but we help educate you during the process so that your staff can grow into our implementations without relying on expensive outside maintenance. We strive to make every solution one that enhances communications with your entire community, including donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, increase organizational productivity, and decrease overall technology burdens.

Collabowrite is for collaboration on every level.